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Morganti Caffé Bar and Patisserie A. Tornatora open International Flagship in London


Two iconic Roman brands, Morganti Caffé Bar and patisserie A. Tornatora, have come together to offer Londoners a taste of the authentic Italian caffé-bar experience

You can sip coffee, eat cornetti, snack on tramezzini, drink aperitivo, feast on gelato and dine on home-made food. New to the UK market but with a long history in their hometown of Rome, the first venue outside Italy opens in the heart of Central London, at 187 Tottenham Court Road, Fitzrovia, W1T 7PQ. This first London opening is part of an international expansion programme.

Renowned coffee roaster, Morganti Caffé Bar was founded in Rome in 1890 and is considered to be one of the coffee lovers’ landmarks of this celebrated city, counting royalty and even the Vatican – including Pope John Paul II – among its loyal fans. Equally renowned, the historic family patisserie and bakery A. Tornatora offers the very best in sweet and savoury artisanal gastronomy and home-made gelato of the highest quality.

Together, they are now in London to offer a casual-elegant venue where to meet for real Italian coffee, tasty breakfast, rich buffet lunch, aperitivo and supper.

The Morganti Story
Coffee was originally sold raw and toasted at home in small quantities. In 1890 a spice merchant in Rome, Romeo Morganti, became interested in coffee and soon devised a system to roast it on a larger scale, designing and building one of the first roasting machines, thus helping to revolutionise the coffee sector. Since then, the company grew to what it is today, but continues to follow the same traditional and artisanal methods for producing the finest blends from selected coffees sourced from Central America, India and Africa.

The result is a distinctive rich flavour, savoured especially in the espresso, which lingers on the palate with its delicious, balanced aroma. In Italy, the ‘pausa caffé’ – the coffee break – is just that. A moment of pleasure to recharge the body and the soul, whether it’s first thing in the morning, mid-morning or after lunch. The delicious full range of coffees – from espresso to macchiato to cappuccino and more, is now available to enjoy here in London.

With the motto ‘greener every day’, Morganti Caffé Bar have been recycling everyday waste since 1985, they use roasting equipment which utilises less fuel thus producing less emission and their coffee machines use less than half the energy than other machines (410 watts compared to the standard 1,200-1,500 watts).

The A. Tornatora Story
In Rome, the name Tornatora is synonymous with ‘cornetti’, a type of croissant, but not as you know it. The Italian cornetto is very light and crumbly and is made with very little sugar. Tornatora have been making them by hand, each day, and one of their 11 shops sells as many as 1,000 per day.

This family business run by four brothers, all master pastry chefs and master bakers, has diversified over the years, each specialising in a different sector. There is a baker for the home-made breads used for the sandwiches, a pastry chef that makes mouth-watering, very fine patisserie, an ice-cream maker and a large scale caterer for events.

Everything is made by hand and from scratch on a daily basis, using fresh, quality ingredients with the artisanal touch. Quality creations, including gluten-free, comprise mignons, classic pastries, cakes, ice-cream cakes, and custom made cakes. The deli counter offers light, tasty dishes, carpaccio, seafood and spelt salads, seasonal salads, savoury croissants, mini pizza and much more. Ice creams are a feature, strictly home-made, with seasonal fruit and wholesome, high quality ingredients.

Calendar dates such as Christmas and Easter will see a range of home-made Easter cakes (known as Colomba, the dove) and Panettone created and sold on site.

The London Venue
Morganti Caffé Bar and A. Tornatora have brought a real slice of Italian life to London, with an artisanal coffee offer, delicious patisserie, home-made ice creams and deli-foods. The venues is open seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm for coffee, breakfast, brunch, express lunch and supper, including takeaway service. A feature is the Aperitivo Italiano, served every day from 6 pm for a fixed price of £9.50, to include a choice of Aperol Spritz, a glass of prosecco, a glass or wine or beer, with a generous selection of bite-size deli foods, prepared daily.

Morganti Caffé Bar and A. Tornatora
187 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7PQ
Tel: 020 7637 3281 (English website coming soon).



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