The objectives of the International Association of Franchise Professionals – IAFP are the on going unbiased and scientific study of franchising in every respect, the co-ordination of its members' actions, and the promotion of the franchise industry in general and of its members' interests. The Association’s informational and ethical objectives will be met principally in the following manner including:

· by carrying out research, studies, surveys and all other actions aimed at supporting the study, the promotion and the development of franchising;

· by organising trainings, meetings, colloquia, seminars, symposia, conferences,  and workshops;

· by promoting educational, networking, and procurement opportunities for franchisors, franchisees, and industry suppliers;

· by ensuring the on-going communication with other international franchise Associations or Federations  in order to keep a close follow up and to  share in the evolution of specific franchising techniques, principles and legislation;

· by  organising campaigns aimed at informing the general public and the authorities on the objectives and goals;

· by organizing events and exhibitions, both physical and virtual;

· by the implementation of projects to help people to access public funding, state and / or regional, as well as those offered by private companies, faces the possibility of autonomous entrepreneurial initiatives;

· by managing, organizing the extension of franchise development and promoting effective communication within franchise system.

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