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BRD Consulting is a management consulting firm specialized in the development of sales networks, direct or franchise, and the provision of high quality consulting services for the retail and franchise sector in the following business fields such as: location, format, technology and finance, both directly and through alliances.

Business Retail Development pursues its business philosophy to meet the market demand by developing new business concepts both in Italy and abroad.

BRD works closely with their clients on strategies and branding directions,being fully capable to give the right business solutions to customers in dealing with the various business processes, by improving efficiency and market competitiveness.

BRD supports development and growth strategies for the successful market positioning of food and non food brands in Italy and abroad.

BRD offers the best business solutions for franchisees and leading retail companies!

We anticipate current market changes and we can reduce the business risk of our clients in accordance of the changing business environments.We provide outstanding value to our clients through our industry knowledge, technical and functional skills, and association with best-in-class implementation resources.

With our franchising and retail incentives we can offer our investors the best solutions!


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BRD provides the appropriate market research within a comprehensive business database and is able to analyse the business environment to anticipate competition and market trends by translating consumer attitudes into new branding directions.

BRD generates the formula for success by coordinating and aligning the brand strategy with the corporate marketing plan in a totally lean and efficient network cycle.



BRD works in close colaboration with over 1000 Fif-confesercenti in Italy and abroad :  

  • Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers;
  • Local Real Estate Agencies, Professional Agents and Mediators in Italy;
  • Comprehensive Marketing Research;
  • Advertising Agencies and Press Magazines for local promotions;
  • We guarantee the highest quality of business network for our clients.

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BrD Consulting è iscritta all'Albo Aderenti Assofranchising e ne osserva il Codice Etico.

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