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With an outstanding business experience of over 15 years Mr. Federico Fiorentini is the Founder and General Manager of BRD Consulting. As a very successful entrepreneur, manager and business consultant he developed an extensive business communication network including hundreds of business contacts all over the world and is a very important reference point for national and international companies.

As Export Manager he started his professional career in the food industry and developed the international brand “IL FORNAIO” in the USA supporting the launch of hundreds of Shops, Retail Centres, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.

In addition to the development of national supermarkets Federico assisted numerous important brands in order to achieve their successful business expansion especially in Russia, Serbia, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Furthermore, he worked as Development Manager for the following German multinational enterprises: Tengelman Group, Plus Discount and Obi. With the highest standard of professional pracitice he assisted established franchisors, multi-unit and multi-brand companies with his consulting expertise: Headquarters and field support systems, manuals and training programs, marketing and expansion strategies, franchise relations, crisis management and strategic restructuring of franchise organizations.

Federico attended the most important trade shows all over the world and was in the spotlight of prestigious press magazines for the franchise and retail industry. Moreover, he appeared as important business enterpreneur on local and national television programmes, often quoted in the press on franchising and business topics and publisher of many articles for leading Italian and International retail and franchising magazines.
He is a specialist in business systems including real estate strategies, retail and franchise development supervising the following areas: Creation of marketing strategies, geo-marketing projects as well as database management and interactive business tools for the support of strategic decisions in the commercial network.

Federico supports companies in the evaluation of franchising projects with the required expansion methods which enables firms to work smarter and to improve standards and business practices in order to meet their objectives.

He was one of the first enterpreneurs in Italy who established the growth and expansion of many retail centres in economic difficulties.
Since 2000 he is Cabin Member of FIF- Italian Franchise Federation and workes as responsible Head of Internationalization and Cabin Director in the business federation FIF.

Moreover, he was Project Leader in the development of retail chains in Italy and abroad for the following brands: H3G, Wind Telecommunications, Buffetti, Prenatal, Oviesse, Pastarito-Cir food, Artistic of Antica Gelateria del Corso, Nestlé, Gabrielli, GS group Carrefour, Todis, Conad and other major brands. In addition, he negotiated licenses for new offices in several countries including German, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Jordan, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Belarus and Italy.

He also conducted Management Training courses, University Masters, Post-Graduation courses and Marketing trainings at ASCOM ConfCommercio in Italy. Federico is currently Director and Professor at the University for International Retail Management and the European University in Rome.

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