07/05/2009 - BRD at the II Round Table-Retail Government

The BRD Consulting, was present at the II Round Table-Retail Government, organized by European Service Confimprese and Economic Forum, held last May 6 in Rome, at the Congress Center Montecitorio.

Given the distribution as a key sector for the European economy, an objective of the Round Table is to bring forward new proposals to improve the integration of the Italian market of Retail in competitive international market.

Among the issues choosed by economists, institutions, investors, operators and Modern Distribution of Representatives of the Italian Government as "Sustainable management of production factors," "The expansion into international markets, "New economic policy guidelines for consumption".

"For the revival of retail - said Mario Resca, president of Confimprese - is necessary to resort to credit. The banking system, credit must take the field in favor of Italian businesses to support them in the economy with subsidies and proposals to their growth, to compete at international level. "

Favorable opinions even from Industry. 'The proposals are fully sharable Confimprese - comments Raffaello Vignali, Vice-President Industry Commission -. When there are few economic resources to put into play may be given added value by making efficient the State, through processes of simplification, deregulation and tax, by investing in infrastructure and renewable energy. These are the objectives that the Berlusconi government is pursuing for the past one year, with different measures.

As for taxes, reducing the tax burden for businesses is a goal that may be, and will be achieved in the medium term."

Adolfo Urso Undersecretary of State Ministry of Economic Development: "The effective response to global crisis - explained - may arise from the growth of our companies in international markets. Italy, while experiencing a crisis that does not know before, avoided the abyss, as it has not fallen into the meshes of protectionism and will hope to resume exports only if we implement measures to reduce import duties and bureaucratic constraints. "

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