07/07/2011 - BRD and CNR join the XXXII Annual Scientific Conference



The AISRE (Italian Regional Science Association ) is organizing this year in Turin, the XXXII Annual Scientific Conference "The role of cities in the knowledge economy."The XXXII Annual Scientific Conference, will show projects and discussions between experts and participants. It represents a major contribution offered by the scientific community to the different public institutions, organizations and businesses interested in regional and territorial policies.BRD and CNR will participate in the event as speakers for the " evaluation and dissemination of results ", produced by the research team composed by Giuseppe Confessore, Marianna Carlino, ITIA CNR, Maurizio Turina, University of Tor Vergata, and Federico Fiorentini, European University of Rome in collaboration with the Association of Carolus Magnus. The market specific research is focused on the area of Chieti, titled "TRADE AREA REPORT TO SUPPORT EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY".

For further information you can also write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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