20/12/2019 - IOT DOMUS

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Iot domus - Internet of things products & service in franchising-a Uk based company is started the european development

the Company Specialism.

Is THE EASY SMART HOME as Industry 4.0 and SBE

Iot is a Team of Highly skilled Professionals with deep and extensive knowledge of the IT and IOT Market, matured in the last 20 years of dramatic and extraordinary technological changes.

The highlight are the possibility to offer same internet prices ( AMAZON & co) derives from the very solid relationship of our team with all major IOT devices producers and distributors

Also the possibility of Cherry picking in a large basket of former professional franchisee entities active in past Commercial computer chains with too heavy costs to resist in the evolving market and willing to convert in a new

IOT DOMUS is the first Franchising concept wordlwide that helps entrepreneurs to easily join the growing Market of Smart Home & IoT and helps people to easily build Smart Home Systems with the assistance of specialized stores located worldwide

 We have one shop in London, some Europen Intention Letter and other shops (Italy /Uk) in the following quarter

IOT DOMUS makes IoT easier!

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assofranchising italiana

BrD Consulting è iscritta all'Albo Aderenti Assofranchising e ne osserva il Codice Etico.

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