BRD consulting and quality together for internationalization starting from the Spanish market with UK and Italy Target

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Dear Customers,
It’s a pleseaure to annunce that Quality 2004 srl became stronger on the
international scene.

After the opening of the headquarter office in London, Quality 2004 srl, inaugurates
a new headquarter office in Almeria, Spain, which will be chaired by our collaborator
Gianfranco Amato, in strategic collaboration with BRD Consulting, that is a
company specializing in international retail development.

This new opening will allow to create important direct relationships with all the
agricultural cooperatives in the area, both those working at a regional level and
those of national interest, with a great inclination to export.

Among the organizations that have placed their trust in Quality 2004 srl we mention
- CASI, San Isidro agricultural cooperative, with its 70 years of history.
- Agroponiente SA
- Unica Group, first exporter of Spanish agricultural products.

Quality 2004 srl will work for the definition of important collaboration agreements
also with multinational private companies that work in the area, one above all Total
Produce, that established his headquarter office in Almeria, with whom fruitful
contacts are currently underway for the drafting of commercial agreements, but also
to promote and encourage direct collaboration with local independent farmers.

This new collaboration in Spain will allow us to ensure continuity in supplies for all
our Italian and English costumers, thanks to the continuous availability of variety of
top quality products: tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, lemons, apples,
apricots, watermelons, melons.

It will be our care and concern to present you the production and project updates in
execution and development.

We hope to meet you soon to talk about our international project.


Filiberto Montano

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