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CAMICISSIMA is the brand of our new simple, efficent and convenient formula created from experience of Fenicia S.p.A.

The company was founded in 1931 by Giovanni Candido to produce shirts. Fenicia’s shirts were an immediate success because of the founfer’s insistence on traditional craftsmanship, the best selection on fabrics and attention to detail.
These traits remain the key ingredients of the company even today, after almost 80 years of existence and 100 stores distributed in the best downtown shopping areas of all major Italian cities and in the best Italian shopping centers.

CAMICISSIMA opened its first stores following a business model of low price paired with high quality in 2004. The company’s objective was and still remains today, to satisfy the most careful and demanding shopper by offering a very wide selection of products that fit the times and satisfy all the consumer’s needs.

CAMICISSIMA products stand out because we begin by choosing the best yarns that are used to make the fabrics that are used to make the best shirts and because we have an in house creative team that design exclusive fabrics for us every day. The Camicissima product is a combination of quality, wide selection and competitive pricing.

At the present the Company is led alternately by Candido brothers Mr. Sergio and Mr. Fabio, President and Managing Director and has a very firm and structured organization employing 330 people.

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