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Welcome to Italian-style fast casual food. Our roots are 100% Italian, along with our product culture and interior design, but our take on life is international, in a melting-pot that has something for everyone. Here at aT we want to give you a new food experience. This magical alchemy is a blend of the warm, genuine atmosphere, our varied menu and the exceptional quality of our raw materials, all of guaranteed origin and flavour.


In July 2013, we opened our first flagship store at 62 Piazza di Pietra, in the heart of Rome. We are right in front of the Temple of Hadrian, just before the Pantheon and a bit further on from Via del Corso.
Our fast casual restaurant is a laboratory of good food. If you love quality food and drink, if you're curious to try specialities in a new restaurant, if you're ready to make up your own menu, if you want to be modern and slow at the same time...if this is you, then you're in the right place. Our aT is also yours.




Because aT is for everyone who loves eating and drinking well, and enjoying a refreshing break. At aT, we do smart food for smart people. Because aT is all about you.

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BrD Consulting è iscritta all'Albo Aderenti Assofranchising e ne osserva il Codice Etico.

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