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It Style is an italian make up brand of property of It Style International. It Style make up offers a wide range of make up and accessories products manufactured entirely in Italy and characterited by ther easy and intuitive use. This exclusive network of outlets has arisen from a long experience of over 20 years in the retail market and the touch of Made in Italy label. We have created a concept where the female universe finds the ideal atmosphere to choose items, colors, and innovative accessories.



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Our aim is to express one’s personality in a healthy and sudden way, with a fresh and refined style. We are concerned in skin health and we aticipate fashion trends to allow women of any age to care for the self image and express their essence. This is the mission of It Style make up, beauty through make up and accessories collection for ladies and motion that could joint a cosmetic luxury experience at “democratic” prices. That comes our clair “make up possible!”. From Milan, city of creativity and glamour, we offer a convincing italian style due to its quality and wide selection that reaches all motion throught our worldwide stores.




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It Style make up proposes a wide range of high quality products at affortable prices. A full range of references Made in Italy that combines the latest trends in fashion and beauty. We manufacture without animal testing respecting the european legislation that internationaly imposed strict parameters to ensure quality and safety. An ethical code that It Style make up place in the heart of its busines making even more beautiful the essence of the company madly in love with women beauty and welfare.








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Our products are on sale at both directly operated (D.O.S.) and franchising stores located all over the world, following professional retail routine, in order to fullfill any needs for makeup. As this is one of the retail markets with fewer specialized stores, the careful management of our network allows to make it possible for It Style to guarantee your best value-for-money.
Our capex (total capital expendures) to start our retail stores is low and our franchising agreements can grant our franchisees an hight average of compound annual growth rate (C.A.G.R) for their own turnover and earning before interest and taxes (E.B.I.T.).






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The “store atmosphere” han been devised following our brand awareness. An atmosphere featuring a refined and elegant taste thought the minimal look of black and white with mirrors.
Our concept has been planned for low costs. What’s more It Style stores are meant to match a seductive atmosphere with functional features in order to enhance the quality and variety of our products.

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