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Brums is the most famous brand of the Preca Brummel Group. The brand was born 50 years ago to place a new
interpretation of the traditional Italian style. Over the years the Brums production focused itself on a high level target, 0-16 years old, with a wide variety of collections and garments.
The Brums collections are distributed through 240 mono-brand stores and almost 600 multi-brand boutiques all over the world. The Brums garments are the ideal choice for a spontaneous and lively fashion.
Brums has been the first brand among children’s wear sector establishing and adopting the franchise formula.

In 1989Brums has opened the first Franchising store in one of the most important European location: Corso Buenos Aires in Milan. The successful Franchising formula adopted by Brums allowed over the years a widespread distribution on the whole Italian territory, and lately also abroad.
During the last five years the number of new opened stores has going over 240 in 2012.

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