Trattoria dall'Oste


TRATTORIA DALL’OSTE was founded in 2009 at the initiative of experts in the restaurant industry in Florence.

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Becoming independent in 2012, thanks to the business vision of Antonio Belperio, it was originally born as a Tuscan trattoria, specialising in meat-based dishes, the crown jewel of its menu.

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TRATTORIA DALL’OSTE started as an entrepreneurial idea, a mission, namely being recognised as one of the best restaurants serving Tuscan cuisine and bistecca alla fiorentina - the traditional Florentine T-bone steak - in the whole world, with a vision to export the quality of Tuscan cuisine around the world and become a leading international business in the restaurant industry.


TRATTORIA DALL’OSTE has been able to tap into the large Italian market - but more importantly, the international market, too - thanks to its ability to embody values such as honesty, humility, cooperation, creativity and enthusiasm.



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