Real Estate

realestate BRD is able to support and guide the necessary retail development strategies at any stage of development in order to reach the highest goals.

Our Market Research for commercial real estate is a reference point on the marketplace.

We anticipate current market changes and reduce the business risk of our clients in accordance of the changing business environments.We provide outstanding value to our clients through our industry knowledge, technical and functional skills, and association with best-in-class implementation resources. We provide the development of sophisticated real estate evaluation systems and the use of high innovative methods of geo-marketing analysis.

BRD aims to enhance commercial real estate tools in order to seek an outstanding business performance and excellent presentation of its long-term business strengths. BRD anticipates current market changes in order to meet the demand of its clients and converts the highest qualitative assessment techniques in analogous business data for management resources.

BRD guarantees the best business solutions to be always one step ahead of the market.

BRD evaluates in advance in order to realize the feasibility of real estate projects.
Real estate search Negotiation
Licensing Contracts
Feasibility plans Business Plan
Administrative analysis Real estate evaluation
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Finance and Business

financebusinessdevelopmentTo develop commercial network is easier with the right partners.

The essence of successful partnership is the alignment and communication. Our success formula is to develop commercial networks direct or indirect, working with franchisees, franchisors and master franchisors and interact with banks and financial institutions to inward the investment promotion and enterprise development.

Retail company valuation Master franchisee research
Merchant bank relations Franchisee research
Invertors relations Industrial and financial plans

Financial Planning Advices

ClientiBRD, with years of development expertise in the commercial network, offers special advising for the access to financial contributions and facilities, mediating between customers and agencies dedicated to the promotion of financing instruments.

Furthermore BRD provides high value assistance for the predisposition of the documentation and the implementations demands necessary along with proper predisposition of business plans, throughout all phases of the commercial process.  

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FormazioneBRD Consulting conducts  Management Training courses, University Master Degrees and Post-Graduation courses which are designed to train young professionals on the complex operating and management process to start and grow a new prosperous business. Detailed and comprehensive manuals are provided to all attendees on the following course segments: 

Retail management introduction Geo-marketing
Advertising Selling point  in and out Retail Marketing
Franchising Human Resources Management
Visual Merchandising Store design
Market research Pricing
Business Plan Licensing
Promotion & Merchandising Distribution Chain Management
Brand Management Cultural aspects of International Management


Retail Management

retailA business idea is only successful with the appropriate development strategy. 

Starting a new retail or franchise business seeks to reduce the risks for the development a profitable and long-term business growth.

BRD has the technical knowledge and the highest standard of professional practice requested by the market starting from the feasibility of the project up to the executive process development.

To start a new retail chain requires the development a successful product and the strategic market positioning in order to meet the customer needs according to the corporate company strategy.

We provide highly efficient analysis methods optimizing the retail mix, supply and choice of location available on the market, payroll costs and quality reports of the shopping area.


Feasibility plans Management vertical applications
Analysis of the format and the prototypes (RAS) Creation of new retail chains
Creation of new format Market evaluation
Commercial business models Marketing plans and launch
Business e operation plan Visual merchandising
Management systems Analysis of the offer



Reaching the target!marketing

This is not just a slogan but also the key to your business success.

Marketing research shows that it is of highest importance to know the “one to one” process, the territory and the population in order to identify the customers needs for the provision of exclusive points of strength.

With the highest standard of professional practice BRD can support its clients with expert business know-how and the technical knowledge in order to provide assistance to retailers through comprehensive analysis and marketing plans.

The territorial analysis integrated in our database include the analysis of the customer receipt as the starting point for the elaboration of a successful business project which we supply to every single retail section, pay per use or turn-key.
Geo-marketing analysis One to one process
Local marketing plans
Marketing analysis
Research of consumer behaviour
Fidelity program
Marketing research

Main Business Area

virtual reality business

Franchise Development

BRD Consulting offers a comprehensive variety of consulting services, assisting clients to manage risks and issues and suggesting alternatives that will lead to the best solutions through the franchise concept.

BRD assists Franchisors and Franchisee  achieve  their business  targets, having extensive experience across a wide variety of business network. We have the resources and experience to offer solutions to  franchisee who are seeking new franchisors and implement them in a timely manner.

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